Consultation can be held on Skype, internet, by telephone land line or by personal visit. Home visits are also available.

We shall discuss in details you general health, medical history, current eating habits, lifestyle and physical activities. Its very important to understand, why you have extra weight. Is your diet wrong? Is it hormonal disbalance? It is your thyroid? During the consultation you will have to answer many questions, and from your answers it will be clear to me where is the main problem.

After analysing this information I will send you a written dietary plan and a homeopathic prescription. Also I will send you personalised suggestions how to increase your physical activities.

Sometimes just only one consultation could be enough to start new healthier life, sometimes you will need more than one consultation, but its only up to you to decide when you are ready to maintain your health plan on your own. Follow-up consultations is much cheaper than the initial one.

Face-to-face consultations in Ipswich, Suffolk, Colchester Essex or villages in Suffolk or Essex. Home visits in Ipswich or Colchester are available.