15 kilos ago…

“15 kilos ago… or how to be slim again” is a book about creating a new body and soul which is beautiful physically, mentally and emotionally. This is not a diet book, this book provides you with unique program that is easily tolerated, does not have any side effects, and is cheap to implicate and easy to follow.

The program will teach you simple ways to reduce weight naturally using healthy eating, exercises, a detox program, yoga breathing exercises and the homeopathic balancing of the endocrine system. There are practical recommendations how to break bad eating habits, how to have strong will power and many crafty tips which will also help in the war against weight. Interesting patient cases from private practice are included, they are real stories about real people and they show that with determination and a correct weight loss program you simply cannot fail.

Successful weight management cannot be done without some changes of your lifestyle, but you will learn how to do it without stress. You will also learn how increase metabolism for real and keep it and how to make the process of losing weight simple and fun.

Consultations in Ipswich, Colchester, Essex, Suffolk.

Home visits in Ipswich, Colchester are available.

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